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Group 7:
The characteristics that define the uniqueness of the industrial products naturally lead to relationship marketing by finding new ways to attract the community. Bigger corporations who distribute to small businesses also need to have distinctive and quality products so that both businesses can profit. The motive of the buyer is to find the best product out there to satisfy their needs. Having a loyal relationship between two companies that are doing business will build a long term relationship and help both parties be successful. Sysco Corporation is the world’s biggest food distributor. They distribute to restaurants, healthcare educational facilities, hotels, and other food services. Sysco’s goal is to build the strength for smaller companies in several ways. For example, Sysco coaches growers on sustainable practices which helps connect small and local farms with chef-driven restaurants. Also, Sysco often goes to their partners with product recommendations based on the restaurant trends they are seeing. Sysco Corporation is providing valuable link from one end of the food industry to the other. Being able to distribute to smaller companies gives the distributor a sense of loyalty, especially in the food industry when everything is based on the quality of the food. Sysco’s expands on their loyalty by giving advice which builds their trust and helps them grow into a profitable company. Microsoft Software expands their business to universities across the globe. In today’s world, schools are constantly using computers for homework assignments, quizzes, and tests. However, without certain programs that Microsoft provides, teachers and students will have trouble completing tasks. Microsoft has been known to distribute their programs to the University of Florida. University of Florida has partnered with Kivuto Solutions Inc. to provide the following Microsoft software free for the students. Allowing the university to give access to this program to the...
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