Notes on of Mice and Men

Topics: Keith Urban Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Ch 1
* Geographic description of the countryside around the Salinas River, a few miles south of Soledad. * George, a short man, is seen first. He has sharp features with a thin and bony nose and restless eyes. He also has strong hands and slender arms. * Followed by Lennie, a huge man, built like a bear. His giant arms hang like pendulums at his side. * Both men are dressed in denim trousers, denim coats with brass buttons, black hats, and blankets, which are wrapped around round their necks. * George talks about going to the ranch and tells Lennie not to talk to anyone * George yells at Lennie for petting the dead mouse in his pocket and then reminds Lennie that whenever he pets things, it seems to get both of them in trouble, as it did on their last job when he tried petting a girls dress. * George sends Lennie to look for some sticks so they can build a fire and prepare dinner. * When Lennie gets back he has a mouse and George takes it and gets angry and says how he could have a better life without Lennie. * Lennie tells George that he’ll leave and go live on his own in a cave where he can pet all the mice he wants to. * George tells Lennie he wouldn’t leave him behind because they have to stick together *  George explains how the two of them are going to save their money and buy a ten acre farm, where they can raise rabbits, cows, pigs, chicken, and cherries. * After dinner, George decides they should spend the night by the stream and head to the ranch in the morning. He then reminds Lennie again about not talking to other people on the ranch. He also tells him that if there is ever trouble on the ranch, Lennie should return to this same site and hide in the near-by bushes, where George will come and find him. Lennie promises to remember the place. They drift peacefully off to sleep, thinking about the little farm they want to own. 

Ch 2
* George and Lennie reach the ranch around ten o’clock
* They...
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