Notes from the Midnight Driver

Topics: Character, Fiction, Plot Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: October 19, 2011
Notes from the Midnight Driver Summer Reading Assignment
In my opinion the book was likable because of the realistic characters and the exciting events throughout the story line. It also caught my eye because of the differential characters in the book; there was an old and wise character otherwise known as Sol and a young and naïve character known as Alex. The sequences of events were very entertaining, and in the end both of the main characters learned something from each other. This was made clear when Alex learned that parents always love their children no matter what and to take responsibility for his actions. There was always something going on, and it was never boring. One dislike of mine of the book was that it didn’t include enough descriptive details. I would like to see more details when Alex is illegally drunk driving his mom’s car. On the other hand, it did have plenty of exciting events throughout the story like the conflicts between Alex and Sol in the beginning of the book and the plot of the relationship budding between Alex and Laurie. The writing style was quite interesting and it engaged me some as a reader. The plot moved along fairly quickly and didn’t drag too much. It had many exciting events scattered throughout the story and you never were bored. The desire or need of wanting to know what happens next in the story kept me reading it. The characters were easy for me to identify with, and I felt like I actually knew them. I believe that they could be actual people. I think that the type of reader that would enjoy this book would be able to identify with the characters and believe that all people make mistakes. This book would be intended for students grade eight and up, or anyone who enjoys a quick, entertaining, and enjoyable book.
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