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Model: Pattern of Organization: Comparison and Contrast

In our daily lives we often compare and contrast two or more items. We might compare and contrast family members, TV shows, or favorite bands. The comparison and contrast pattern of organization is also common in many college textbooks. It is used to discuss ways in which two or more items are the same and how they differ.Signal WordsExample #1Here’s a short reading that demonstrates the compare and contrast pattern. Notice the comparison words in italics and the contrast words in bold.My family consists of four siblings, my two sisters, my brother, and I. Growing up, we didn’t always get along, but today, my sisters are my best friends. Both sisters are loyal to a fault, dedicated workers, and extroverted. If either of us ever has problems, we know we can rely on each other. I once broke down in the middle of the night hundreds of miles from home. I called first one and then the other sister. They not only returned my call, but they rode together to help me get home. This caring behavior also extends to their work. Although they work in different fields, they are similarly loyal to the companies for whom they work at a time when many people hop from one job to the next. My sister Trudy has been in banking at the same firm for over 10 years. In contrast, my younger sister, Terri, works in health care. Still, she has been with the same company for over 20 years. Both sisters are friendly and they are magnets for new people. The youngest prefers small parties at low key work events, unlike my sister Trudy, who throws large parties and coordinates elegant dinner parties and events.Because we are familiar with comparing and contrasting people and items in our daily lives, we can recognize this brief paragraph as a comparison/contrast between two people. What are their similarities?Comparison signal words from this passage include: both, also, similarly, and still. The two sisters are compared because they...
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