Not Without My Daughter

Topics: Iran, Ruhollah Khomeini, Iranian Revolution Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: May 17, 2013
This movie is based on the book with the same title that was written by the woman who actually lived through this ordeal. If you read the book, you will see that over and over again, Betty states that not all Iranians are bad. In fact, she frequently mentions that without the help of many friendly Iranians, she would never have gotten out of Iran alive.

One man in particular is the owner of a men’s clothing store, who repeatedly lets her use his telephone to call her family back in the U.S.

Betty, also, describes her husband “Moody” as a unstable man who got that way because he was raised in Iran, but received his higher education in England and the U.S. She felt he was highly conflicted and torn between the U.S. and Iran, and that his confusion was caused by his being easily influenced by his overly zealous and completely brainwashed Iranian relatives—although she states, fairly, that even these zealous relatives eventually came to her aid and began pleading with Moody not to treat his wife as harshly as he did.

They did not condone his beating her. They did not condone his harsh treatment of her or the fact that they locked her up in a high-rise Iranian apartment all alone for days at a time without food or water, without electricity, and without her daughter, who he had forcibly removed from the home and hid away with some relatives for days at a time, leaving Betty without any knowledge of her five year old daughter’s whereabouts and whether she was even okay.

Eventually, he brought the daughter back to the home, because she had taken ill, and needed to be properly cared for by his wife. Also, a female relative of her husband urged him to return the daughter to her mother. Her husband admitted that his relatives did not know how to even take care of themselves. He began to complain to Betty that they did not understand the importance of daily bathing, that they only bathed once a year during an Now Ruz, the Iranian new year, when everyone in the...
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