“Not Rounding Off, but Opening Out.” Comment Upon the Way the Writers of the Novel and Short Story Deal with the Ending in Relation to the Whole. in Your Answer You Should Refer to Two or Three Novels or Short Stories You Have Studied

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“Not rounding off, but opening out.” Comment upon the way the writers of the novel and short story deal with the ending in relation to the whole. In your answer you should refer to two or three novels or short stories you have studied.

The end of a short story is as important as the start. Some short stories end abruptly, leaving it open for the readers to interpret while others have a moral. In the short story Holiday by Rabindranath Tagore the end is interlinked to the title, ‘Holiday’. In face after reading the story we finally understand why it was given such a title. At the end of the story Phatik has reached his breaking point and he cannot take in anymore. He has been neglected all along and he acts like a ‘stray dog’. The end of this story sums up what the viewpoint of the writer, as at the end due to constant neglect and rejection of Phatik, he wishes to go back home. He says ‘I was going back to my mother but they brought me back’. Phatik is someone else’s child and by taking him in his uncle did much more harm than good. This is clearly evident at the end of the story, as ‘the doctor pronounced the boys condition to be critical’. The end of this story shows how Phatik has face hatred all his life and he yearns to go home. Another line of the ending, ‘Phatik was imitating them, calling out the depth in pathetic tones; except that the endless sea he was about to cross has no bottom that his measuring rope could touch’, this shows us how the end of the story results in Phatik’s death. How a little love could have gone a long way. But the last line of the story, ‘Mother my holiday has come now. I’m going home’, has a hug impact on the readers. With this kind of ending we finally understand how apt the title is and how effective this kind of end is as it teachers the readers something and also gives us something to mull over. The ending is definitely in sync with this story, and thus adds more value to the moral the writer wants to bring out. Another...
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