Northern Ireland

Topics: Change, Belfast, Summer of Love Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Courtney Beitel
Prof. Bonillas
English 1020
March 4, 2013
Research Assignment

1. I would like to re-travel to Northern Ireland.

2. Research Question: How has life changed over time in Northern Ireland? This is important to me because I had recently traveled to the Northern part of Ireland on a 2 week tour in the summer of 2012. While I was there, I saw where my grandmother grew up; from looking at old family photos before, where she grew up the city looks more worn down and not taken care of. From this research, I would like to understand how the lifestyles have changed from when my grandmother lived there and what the country has improved on to make the country even better.

3. This paper is about the history of Northern Ireland on the life changing events that have occurred. In the past, Northern Ireland has a period of time dealing with violence and getting back to the peace and cooperation. So, in my paper it will incorporate the theories of Northern Ireland’s troubles and the history of how Ireland has come to where they are now. The ultimate goal of my paper is to understand what my ancestors have lived through their lifetime and how things have changed.

4. Focused topic questions
a. What was the first conflict that started in Northern Ireland? b. What are some more problems that emerged after the first conflict? c. How was Ireland separated between governments?

d. What was the first step of transformation for change? e. What are some of the Peace Agreements?
f. Has Northern Ireland succeed in the change of transformation?
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