Norman Albao

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Norman AlbaoBSECE I-1

I. Introduction
The “kambas ng lipunan” is a painting made by Joey Velasco, one of the most popular painters in the Philippines. He started on the painting of the last suffer but he made some changes on the original painting. He replaced the disciples of Jesus by some kids that he has encountered in his life. He painted this type of painting because of his pity to the children of the street.

His inspiration comes from the children that he has encountered on his past lives namely, Nene, Joyce, Tinay, Itok, Emong, Onte, Buknoy, Michael, Dodoy, Jun, Rossle and Sudan.
II. Subject of the Art
The painting is about the children of our society, which are deviant to others. Some of the children haves hope that someday the society will change and their state in life will be better. This painting represents the different children of our society which we didn’t know what their lives really are. The painting is made to change the perspective of people towards the children of our society.

III. Medium
The medium of the painting is oil painting. It is made up of pigments mixed with oil.
IV. Elements
The elements in the Painting are the ff:
a) Jesus Christ – which represents the Glory of God the Father b) The Street Children – which represents the poor people especially the children c) The Style of Last Supper
V. Organization


I. Introduction
The idea for the Oblation (University of the Philippines) was first conceived during the presidency of Rafael Palma, who was the one to commission Guillermo Tolentino to make the sculpture. Originally, the statue was completely naked, but, as morality was prevailing at that time, it was modified by former U.P. President Jorge Bocobo with the addition of a fig leaf to cover the genitals. The sculpture was funded by the U.P. students of 1935-1936, and was presided by Potenciano Illusorio and Jose B. Laurel, Jr., presidents of the student council during the...
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