Non-Governmental Organization - Sociological Perspectives Associated with Social Imagination

Topics: Sociology, Structural functionalism, Conflict theory Pages: 5 (1768 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Non-governmental organization
(applying sociological perspectives associated with social imagination)

It is not the case that the all of the non-governmental organization has concerned or tackled in every social issue, but it should be supposed that social issues must be influenced by some forces that react by specific social units. This paper is going to investigate what a non-governmental organization is suppose to function or how is its status and influent the entire society throughout analyze two major macro-sociological perspective including structural functionalism and social conflict theory. Non-governmental organization is an operation that operates independently from government but usually non-profit making orientation. Most of Ngo concentrate to the problems or social circumstances that might probably impact to the entire society or even to the world. As all of private company, each Ngo has their goal and the objective. For instance, Greenpeace is a typical environmental Ngo that with 40yrs history which has been fighting for a kind of social issue – the environmental protection. We the people don’t usually recognize that the universal world – the society, has a specific arrangement. Our actions and think even of our creative has been limited by those factors including norms, culture etc. But how they affect and function are the concentrations of this paper. We indicate sociological imagination for this purpose because which is a way of thinking for a mind of quality to see the interrelationship between the social structure and social arrangement. That is why this paper will try to apply both major macro-sociological perspective including structural functionalism and social conflict theory. Applying sociological imagination is to understanding of the social forces that are shaping the personal biography and those of the people that around you. It also helps us sort out which factors about ourselves are explained by our place in society and which is a result of our own actions. After that we can follow the clues to find the ways to bring about changes in our lives and in the society itself. The path or pattern of applying those perspectives, firstly we should have a glance of the society and to definite what should be considered as private traps and what should be considered as social issues. Secondly to imagine that what would be happen if the private traps become social issues, then use one of the social perspectives to analyze or recognize the societal phenomenon. Of cause we are facing troubles, as a creation has been facing as a lifelong process. We the human found that a political entity should be the most effective power to resolve the individual problems for us, apparently these problems should be considered as social issues. People start to organize themselves to make better the society as what the government does. However, there are still lots of problems or issues that the government will not take part in just because of some either political or economic interest etc. Therefore, lots of different orientations for the Ngos they establish voluntarily in order to persuade or influent the government even the private enterprise. Greenpeace is what exactly that kind of Ngo and attempts to draw some social intentions. Those organizations - Ngo aims to influence the government for their specific approach. To study what impact or what being functions of those Ngo, we have to recognize what is structural functional approach before trying to apply the structural functional approach to the non-governmental organization. According to a sociologist “Durkheim”, society is an organism with solidarity and should be stability with interrelationship because each part has their special functions and work as whole and also interact in which many parts function together to remain the whole. Social changes doesn’t suggest any of social changes, the condition of social changes is that if and only if repairing for the...
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