No Women in Combat

Topics: Military, Armed forces, Gender role Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: December 23, 2012
In the article, “No Women in Combat”, Darren Graves (2008) presents three main points to show that women are not suitable to be in combat and some facts to supporting his ideas. Although through the ages, the equal rights movement of men and women thrive worldwide. He argues that when women face difficult situations, they will not be mentally tough to get overcome. The traditional that was created for a long time for men now is placed by the comments set later. Furthermore, Darren claims that women are not inherently healthy physically as men in order to be ready to fight in any situation. Finally he advocates the reason that women are more prone to accidents when they are under pressure, high stress with the real figures and materials showing. Thus, people still can see the effort that women contribute to the military, whether or not in the combat. Darren (2008) concentrates on the argument that women should be out of the combat. Moreover, there are many viewpoints about mental and physical conditions that a woman cannot be compared with man. That is also the basic requirements to be eligible to serve in combat. This essay will evaluate the arguments of the author’s ideas in “No women in combat”. First, Darren makes a strong argument about the nature of woman. According to him, the women's condition is not sufficient requirements to serve in combat because they are not strong enough. In addition, he gives a lot of statistics to support his opinion. Along with 20% of women at West Point Military Academy scored on the test results the Army Physical Fitness in the bottom 20 percent of male soldiers. Basically, the natures of women are inferior to men either in strength or body. It may be that Darren is trying to compare the differences between men and women. Although the equal rights are stated in the article but it seems flawed by the comparison. It does not seem to follow from Darren’s argument that the appearance of...
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