No One Writes to the Colonel-Summary

Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: November 10, 2010
Colonel lives with his wife, who suffers from asthma, in a house in very poor conditions. The story begins one morning that the people held a funeral, for which the Colonel is prepared. It is revealed to be the month, October, extreme sadness and even physical discomfort for the couple. After give our condolences to the mother of the deceased and bumping into a few acquaintances, returns to his humble home. Without apparent source of income, the only hope of profit is a rooster fight that Colonel has been keeping his home for several months, waiting fight in January and win bets. Being Friday, as usual, Colonel walks to the port where newly arrived several boats, one of which landed the postoffice administrator which continues until the Office post. Along with several people, expects to receive a letter, but as every week for many years, no longer receiving nothing. Your doctor, which was also in the Office, provided the newspaper, which has been banned. Although as it is mentioned in the novel, this has waited the pension for fifteen years, so if those fifteen years are subtracted expiration dates in 1951, what is data showing that it would have helped combat in times of violence. In subsequent discussions of Colonel and his wife, it is revealed that for many years, every week, Colonel expects to receive a letter with your pension of veteran by Colombian civil war of the wars of the thousand days, in which he fought as a Colonel when he was only 20 years old to attend. Finally, seeing that their pay not perhaps if it is not however required, decides to change of lawyer. Subsequently, the doctor visit Colonel to review his wife, and after giving its approval, a letter with clandestine information that had been censored newspapers gives Colonel. Some time later, the Colonel and his wife discuss a little about what he should do with the little money that is left, convincing her that buy corn to feed the rooster. Days later,...
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