No More Couch Potatoes

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Overweight Pages: 1 (465 words) Published: February 1, 2011
There is no doubt that there is too many obese people in this world, and that is clearly a problem, but we are focusing on the wrong things in our searching for a solution. It is not the overweight itself and the thinking of a better look when all the kilos are gone, no, it is a good physicality that is the main drive or motivation that leads to a good and forever being los of weight. Too many of the obese people do not keep being thin when they have lost weight, because they are not supported on their personality, the particularly obese young boy or girl, have being abused and bullied because of their overwhelming weight, and look. That breaks the physical motivation in those young kids, and makes them take a part of this way of being treated, they accepts it and puts on a role as the “fat dude”. Personality and losing weight has to expand i the same tempo to keep the necessary motivation, not just to loose more weight, but to get a stronger and more confident personality. One of the newest answers to the obesity problem, is the “TV-cycle”, a bicycle connected to the TV, so to watch television, the kids now has to get a movement in the pedals, if not, the TV will turn off. That is not a way to get rid of the obesity. Treating the obese kids otherwise than regularly weighting kids in average teenage activities is giving them the fat-kid role, and that will not strength their outer persona. Respect and accept from other kids is important to get the essential feeling that creates a confident personality, a person who believes in him/herself. Wathing Tv, playing computer, and eating fastfood, those things are not the main problems, they are just a part of what the physical breakdown effects. Everyone do those things once in a while, and everyone should do it if they want, but everything is healthiest in small doses, and that is on thing that the obese kids has to learn, i a way so it feels natural in their minds to think of exercising, healthy food and so on....
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