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English 101
High School Foreign Language
Each year, high schools around the country waste money on unnecessary foreign language programs. Although learning a second language can help get a job, or help adapt to a new country that doesn’t speak English, if there was a choice, most students would not choose to take a foreign language class. Also, most students who take foreign classes just to acquire the credits to graduate and usually do not even end up using the language later in life. If students had the opportunity to take classes beneficial to their career of choice, they would. If a foreigner moves to America, they need to know how to speak American English. Lastly, some extremely people just can’t grasp a foreign language.

It’s no doubt that for certain jobs, having even the little bit of knowledge one acquires from a high school language class can help, such as being tour guide for tourists, or a police officer, or even a wait person at a sit-down restaurant. The issue is, there are more jobs that do not need skills involving a secondary language. If someone is a fireman and they have to go save someone out of a burning building, that person who needs saving is not going to stand there and try to comprehend what the fireman is telling them to do. They are going to go to the fireman and get out of the building. Also, a school teacher does not need to take language classes to help a non-English speaking student because that student takes away from the teacher’s ability to focus on the other students, and therefore the others do not get as good of an education.

If an English speaking American citizen moves, or even visits a foreign country that doesn’t speak English, it would really help them fit in and adapt to the culture there if they spoke even a little bit of the national language of that country. Even though that is true, it is the emigrant’s obligation to learn the language of the land. Most Americans do...
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