Nitish @Solutions Unlimited

Topics: Project management, Employment, Severance package Pages: 4 (1214 words) Published: February 26, 2011
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Nitish @ Solutions Unlimited

Problem Definition:

Nitish joined Solutions Unlimited on recommendation of his friend Arvind. He had a topsy-turvy journey in Solutions Unlimited with his compensation package being revised and severance pay first denied and then going through lots of negotiation. Also his role in the projects was not fixed. Also Nitish was been accused of being too demanding and he was accused for asking things which were not mentioned in the company policies (the case of spouse’s travel allowance). Also, he was troubled because of his relation with Meena, the HR representative. For example : Nitish’s wish to go for the Korean Project and his expectation to go for the New Zealand project were all dashed because of Meena’s refusal. Environment Analysis:

Solutions Unlimited was founding its foothold in India. Also the organization was going for an image makeover and change from a Software Solutions Provider to an IT Consulting Firm. Because of such kind of an image change, the work in the organization was undergoing a dynamic shift. New projects were being pulled in and clientele base in India was growing. So, new bids were being made at a regular basis. The structure of the organization is a problem. The roles of the employees are not defined and there is no role clarity. More than one role was entrusted to a single employee. There is ambiguity about whom to consult for different issues. This is because there is no definite organizational structure in place. Team structure is also not definite. Anyone who has a command over a particular subject can be asked to contribute in any number of projects without being officially assigned. Because of this kind of flexibility in the company there is actually no value addition to an employee’s resume. Factors:

* Interpersonal relationship with Meena
* Nitish has always had a ‘not so good’ professional relationship with Meena right from the...
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