Nile River Basin Conflict

Topics: Nile, Sudan, Egypt Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: April 29, 2011
My topic is talking about the problem of the Nile River and the conflict on the water between Egypt and Nile Basin countries.

The Nile River has been the source of life and of conflict in the Nile Basin countries. The late president Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat said that the only thing is going Egypt in another war is Nile river and Egypt`s share in water of Nile. Nile River represents to Egypt the pulse and the spirit for every Egyptian so, it is important to us to keep our right in water of the river from Ethiopia to Egypt. The Nile is the longest river in the world, stretching for 4,130 miles. The Nile River for centuries has been the source of sustaining human life in Egypt and Sudan. The Nile’s tributaries, lakes, and rivers collect and disperse water in nine African countries before it reaches the Mediterranean Sea. The Egyptians have used military force to ensure their control over the headwaters of the Nile, because the country has no other water source. Sudan, Ethiopia, and Uganda have constructed various river projects to increase their annual water withdrawals, affecting Egyptian control over the Nile. Without the Nile, Egypt would be a scarcely habitable desert, Sudan a parched wilderness. The world’s longest river flows for more than 4,000 miles through northeast Africa; it irrigates farmland, provides water for drinking and sanitation and drives hydroelectric power stations. The Nile supplies almost all of Egypt’s fresh water in addition to three quarters of Sudan’s. Both countries claim historic rights over it but neither controls its sources. For thousands of years Egypt has jealously defended its right to use the Nile’s water. The Nile River has been the source of life and of conflict in the Nile Basin for centuries. The basin’s three million square kilometers cover about 10 percent of the African continent flowing through 10 countries: Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Eritrea, Kenya and Democratic Republic of the Congo....
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