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  • Published : December 1, 2010
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strategy process is a way of understanding how strategic actions occur. It recognizes that strategic planning is dynamic and that strategy-making involves a complex pattern of actions and reactions. It is partially planned and partially unplanned.

Mintzberg's 5 Ps for Strategy would have helped nike in the following ways: •Plan
Nike planed to revolutionise their demand and supply chain management system with a $400 million 18month prodject, by replacing the old supply chain system with a new system. They intended a course of action and a guideline to deal with their situation. By mintzbergs definition strategies they had two essential characteristics: they were made in advance of their actions to which they applyd, and they developed consciously and purposefully. Nikes Strategy was to reduce the advanced order period and decrease excess inventory. Ploy

Nikes ploy was to build a private industrial network that would closely co-ordinate the activities of its designers. Far eastern fabricators, and large retailers such as foot locker. Really a specific manoeuvre intended to outwit competitors. Pattern

‘If strategies can be intended they can also be realised. defining a strategy as plan is not sufficient Strategy is a pattern - specifically, a pattern in a stream of actions. Strategy is consistency in behaviour, whether or not intended. The definitions of strategy as plan and pattern can be quite independent of one another: plans may go unrealised, while patterns may appear without preconception’. REF: Henry Mintzberg, "Five Ps for Strategy" in The Strategy Process, pp 12-19, H Mintzberg and JB Quinn eds., 1992, Prentice-Hall International Editions, Englewood Cliffs NJ Nikes Plans were an intended strategy as they intended to reduce the advanced order period and decrease excess inventory however their patterns were a realised strategy because their intentions that existed previously were realised and...
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