Nightlife Pleasure

Topics: Nightclub, Drinking culture, Nightlife Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: September 18, 2008
Young Adults and Clublife Pleasure

Charlotte nightlife mixes people of all ages & backgrounds together into a very unique mode of entertainment. Some people are against going out at night and others are addicted to going out nightly. The different perspectives of the various people give better insight on finding out just how serious some issues on nightlife affect one another.

If there is a direct way to find out just how the night life is for those that go out, no other person would be better to hear it from then the average young adult. Their perspectives are indeed varied, but the argument is good. “It is essential for my buddies and I to go out” said Mike Chet, a Senior. Others, on the other hand say “I just don’t like the way that people go out just to be seen, and they don’t notice that they are over-exposing themselves”, a freshman. What many may know is the substance abuse that enhances people going out, but they have no idea as to the extent of how serious it is consumed. “If I don’t drink there is no party, so whenever I’m out at night people better pour out a little liquor” a Junior comments. “It’s not about drinking, that’s for kids, these days we look forward to stronger drugs to make us feel good” whispers a 23 year old. In general everyone consumes alcohol, but for those that don’t enjoy it, they find other methods to feel good.

“You know what the main problem is about drinking or taking drugs? It’s the price everyone pays, and to afford it every week-end is even worse,” said a senior. Money is probably the main factor for people if they want to go out or not. “If there is cash, then we’ll go out, but otherwise there is nothing or no where we can go if we don’t have money” said a 22-year old with his girlfriend. Since most college students don’t work for their money, then it’s the parents who suffer with the bills to pay.

Parents are probably the most fearful people on nightlife, yet they have the right. “I will only let my...
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