Night and Fog

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  • Published : June 20, 2005
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I must say that this film is very traumatizing. There are some images in this film that will be burned and scarred into my mind for as long as I live. I have seen many holocaust films, but no one was as near as dramatic and depicting as Night and Fog. However I did like the theme of this movie. It is very sad but yet realistic. Our minds are murky and dull. We tend to only remember the important situation in our lives. Yet we don't remember the importance of our own history. I say OUR history be cause we all are human beings on this earth. Whether we believe in Allah, Jesus, Jehovah, or whatever higher power, we are all one race, and that the human race. It is very sad to know that human beings were treated and slaughtered just because of an ideology of superiority complex. Al though the Jewish people were massacred I learned that we must always keep a sense of hope in order to assure our own survival. When I saw in the movie the moments where there were journals that read about favorite foods and important dates, my heart was filled with sadness. Not because these victims didn't have this to eat but because of the false illusions that they had to dream in order to stay sane.

I loved the way the switched from color to black and white. I got two different meanings from this. 1) We live today in our present environment in a world filled with color. Everything is great, we don't go through hunger, torture and our dignities aren't taken from us. The black and white represents to me other people around the world which still today re going through similar times as these victims in this film went through. 2) The theme in which everyone in class agreed on which the comparison about the past and the present was very clear. The same pathways which were filled with the blood of the victims were now all buried under the ground. The color represented the present and the black and white represented the past.

The music helped in elaborating this great film. As I mentioned...
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