Topics: Dominican Republic, Christopher Columbus, Haiti Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Anastasia Byrd
Dr.Wolfgang Lepschy
ENC 1101
April 18, 2013
The Merengue
A nation without a history was united by the love of music. The merengue is not just a musical genre or a national dance in the Dominican Republic. The people of the Dominican Republic use the merengue as a form of identification. The merengue is the passion of the people of Hispaniola. The merengue has affected the Dominican Republic culturally, through its social realities, and artistically (Austerlitz).

Historically, the merengue is the inspiration behind the people of the Dominican Republic. The island of Hispaniola was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. For over twenty-two years the Dominicans were under the control of the Haitians. In 1844, the Dominican Republic attained their independence from Haiti. However, this did not benefit to the people of Santo Domingo (The Merengue of the Dominican Republic).

The merengue was an inspiration to the transformation of the social realities in the Dominican Republic. The social realities of the Dominican Republic dwell within the classes and castes and the political life of the people of Santo Domingo. The structure of the classes and castes of Santo Domingo were determined by the racial and economic issues that the people were faced with. There were three classes; the upper, middle, and lower classes which were divided by color. The upper classes were light skinned, middle classes were mixed which was called mulattoes, and the lower classes were the dark skinned people (The Merengue of the Dominican Republic).

With a growing middle class, many people were living in the backwoods without food or shelter. In addition to this, the political life of the Dominican Republic had lots of social problems which led to control issues of the nation. With a history of vigorous dictators that ruled over them and denied the rights of the people of Santo Domingo, in 1966, after the civil war had ended, a new constitution...
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