Nicholas Ii of Russia

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Nicholas II of Russia
Nicholas II was born the 18th of May, 1869 in Saint Petersburg. He was christened his imperial highness Nicholas Aleksandrovitch Romanov, Grand Duke of Russia. When Nicholas was a child, he wasn't as bright as his younger brothers, which made his dad view Nicholas as a shy child, not "man enough" to become emperor of Russia. He never wanted to be the Czar of Russia, and his parents did not teach him enough for him to be ruler, he was much more of a family man than a ruler. He had an indecisive personality which made him a weak ruler.

While growing up, Nicholas was not taught much by his parents on how to rule well, so he lacked a lot of experience and training. In his early manhood, he married Princess Alexandria of Hesse-Darmstadt. After Nicholas II became Czar, he wanted to travel and see most of the world as possible. Another quality that made Nicholas a weak ruler is that he was very supersticious.

In 1905 Japan and Russia's relations were not very good, because they were thinking about going to war, and since Nicholas was very indecisive and in the end his advisers easily persuaded him to declare war instead of negotiating, and this developed the Russo Japanese War. Russia strongly believed they would win, but they lost tens of thousands of soldiers, and not to mention territory. Nicholas slowed industrialization and faced losing wars to his European rivals.

Another aspect which made Nicholas a weak ruler was that he agreed to anything his wife would order, and she played a big role in persuading him to resist if democracy would begin in Russia, because he was devoted to his wife. Later problems came to this, because Rasputin cured her son, which meant that she liked Rasputin and therefore caused Nicholas to trust Rasputin even more, furthermore causing problems.

In 1905 a Russian crowd of demonstrators assembled themselves on the Winter palace in St. Petersburg, asking Nicholas liberalization and...
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