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The Effect that the Enzyme Bromelain has on the Substrate Gelatin Sarah Kunik
Period 2

Enzymes are proteins that are catalysts which aid in the reactions that occur in everyday life, everywhere. Each enzyme has a specific function to do a specific job. The molecule that an enzyme works on is called a substrate. In order for an enzyme to properly do its job, the substrate has to move to the active site which is the exact shape for the particular enzyme in that it binds to. This is where the process of catalysis comes from. Once the substrate binds to the enzyme, it changes the substrate by breaking it down or creating new molecules by combining the substrate with our molecules. As soon as this production ends, the enzyme continues to work on other molecules.1

Bromelain, used in this experiment, is a mixture of enzymes that digest proteins known as being proteolytic. Bromelain is found in pineapple, and throughout history has been used to treat problems with indigestion and help to minimize inflammation. It comes from both the stem and juice from the pineapple.2 Bromelain destroys or breaks down certain proteins, one of its functions.3

Gelatin is a translucent, solid substance that comes from many animals’ collagen. It is used to solidify products of various things such as makeup or food. Gelatin is composed of proteins produced by partial hydrolysis of the collagen. The bonds within the collagen strands are broken down so that they can rearrange better, this causes it to become solid when temperatures are low enough, and become liquid when temperatures are higher. Bromelain breaks down the proteins in the gelatin that refrain the collagen to form the bonds they need to solidify, thus why used to help with problems for indigestion and inflammation.

The experiment presents the effect Bromelain has at different rates on the catalysis of gelatin found in Jell-O. Used in this experiment is fresh pineapple juice,...
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