Newspaper as a Reliable Source of News and Information

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The newspapers most notable contribution as a mass communication medium has been as a purveyor of information. Many people doubted if newspapers could fight off the challenge posed by radio and television – both being immediate and more entertaining, but they have fought this challenge and have survived and are going strong due to the following reasons: 1. Newspapers offer detailed accounts which is not possible with radio and television. 2. The printed word carries a lot of credibility than the spoken words of radio and tv. 3. Also while one has to wait for news bulletins on radio and tv, one can read it anytime he wants. Here time is not a constraint. A newspaper's coverage of meetings and events, investigative journalism that uncovers important issues and strong opinion pieces that offer points of view and courses of action are often the starting point of discussion within a community. As recorders of activities large and small within the community, as the community's watchdog and often spokesperson, a newspaper plays a crucial role in day-to-day life in every city, town and community in the country. As a keeper of the stories of a community, the newspaper is there at the start, and the finish, and remains the only effective instrument for such record-keeping. As they begin their search for an important household item, consumers usually turn to the pages of the newspaper to study advertisements and promotions placed by local merchants. When planning trips, readers turn to the newspaper for information about possible destinations, accommodations and other travel information. When looking for a new home or attempting to sell their present house, people find the pages of the newspaper the best place to start. The classified section of any newspaper is the first source for people looking for employment. For some people, their first field trip in school is a visit to the newspaper, and for...
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