Newspaper Article - 1910 Auto Accident

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Newspaper Article -  1910 Auto Accident 
Daily News-Democrat
Huntington County IN
June 20, 1910
Letha Ziegler aged 16
Ada Dalrymple aged 16
Lola McClurg aged 17
Dessie Shafer aged 17
Mae Brown aged 16
Jessie Brown aged 2
Russell Gray aged 12
Death guided the hand of the chauffeur in an auto party at Plum Tree Sunday in which MissCleo Shafer was instantly killed and her sister Miss Dessie, was badly injured together with the Misses Letha Ziegler, Ada Dalrymple,  Lola McClurg, Mae and Jessie Brown andRussell Gray.  There had been a gathering at the Gray home that day and late in the afternoon as it grew cooler, it was suggested by some of the young folks that they take an auto ride.  James Grayis the owner of an auto and his son Russell Gray a lad about 12 years old, had learned to be quite an experienced chauffeur, and on the occasion of the recent democratic county convention he was in Hintington with his father and treated a number of his young Huntington friends to a ride about the city. The lads attracted considerable attention at that time on account of his youthfulness as well as the skilful manner in which he handled the machine. He was the chauffeur who handled the machine Sunday when the accident occurred which resulted so tragically for the happy party of autoists.  The Gray family resides in Plum Tree and the tragedy happened in sight of their home.  In front of the Souers 'Locust Glen Farm'.  The accident was due to a gully in the road-bed which was washed out during recent heavy rains.  The car was speeding along at a fair rate of speed when the gully was reached, into which the front wheel of the machine dropped, taking control out of the hand of the young chauffeur, much the same as the tongue of a wagon is wrenched from one's hands when backed down a hill when the wheel strikes a stone or some other obstacle.  The sudden stoppage of the machine caused the auto to careen and turn turtle, throwing the occupants out after which...
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