News Writing Styles

Topics: News style, First-person narrative, Inverted pyramid Pages: 4 (1291 words) Published: February 17, 2011
1.0 Inverted Pyramid

This is the type of news writing where most important point is on the top, then followed by less important lastly the least point. The newsworth information comes firts and least newsworth information lat. Normally, this is where it contains the five Ws and H, the who, what, where, when, why, when and how of the story. The next paragraphy nomarlly elaborates more on the lead paragraph by using facts and supporting details. The third paragraph most of the time it contains a direct qoute..

Most newspapers follows this format.
1.1 Advantages of Inverted Pyramid format
The inverted pyramid style offers several distinct advantages in newswriting, such as most readers don't have time or desire to read word to word of the whole article, using this format a reporter can catch attention of the reader by focusing to the main point on the lead of the story, the first paragraph. A reader can get an idea and important information on the story even if s/he read only first few paragrapghs. In our example below from Star newspaper (Malaysian), we can see, even if the reader of the news just read the first two paragraph, he will understand and get the clear picture of what the news is all about. 1.4 Disadvantages

Inverted pyramid has also big disadvantages. Although it delivers the most important news first, it does not encourage good story writing. Many times stories do not have an ending crafted by the writer; they simply end. There is no suspense built. Reporters tend to lose interest, time and energy. Writing in the second half of the story is casual at best, and poor at worst.

Example of the news follwed this format is the news from Star newspaper, a malaysian paper which was titled; “Seven arrested as Malaysians rally in support of Egyptians” Published: Friday February 4, 2011. from the example we can se all the three parts of inverted pyramid,

Main Point
In its first paragragh (above), we can clearly see how the reporter has managed...
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