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Topics: Global warming, Precipitation, Earth Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: November 18, 2013

Plants give us oxygen which is the most important thing for our survival. They undergo a process of photosynthesis in which they give out oxygen and take carbon dioxide. Plants consume the air, sunlight and the carbon dioxide we breathe out to make food and oxygen. So if trees are cut, plants will not produce oxygen and the concentration of carbon dioxide will increase. Increase of carbon dioxide in the air is harmful for human beings and also disturbs the water cycle and hence the total imbalance of our ecosystem. So being one of the greenhouse gases it will lead to global warming. It’s very much like not parking your car under a tree, the car gets excessively heated up, making it uncomfortable to sit in the vehicle.  Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse effect is the process in which the atmosphere of the Earth trap some of the heat coming from the sun, making the Earth warm but due to burning fuels, cutting trees, the concentration of heat on Earth is increased to abnormal levels making greenhouse effect as one of the major causes of global warming. Carbon Dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide are the greenhouse gases which helps to keep the Earth warm. It is a natural phenomenon that takes place with the adequate concentrations of the greenhouse gases. But when the concentration of these gases rises, they disturb the climatic conditions, making the Earth more warm. These gases are not able to escape, which is the cause of worldwide increase in temperature. So the balance of carbon dioxide and other gases should be maintained so that it does not become the major reason of global warming.    Air Pollution

The harmful gases emitted from the vehicles and factories and the greenhouse gases cause pollution in the air and these gases get captured in the atmosphere. The smoke, gather up in the atmosphere forming clouds full of harmful gases which later on fall as acid rain which destroys the buildings and also lead to many dangerous diseases like cancer,...
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