New Orleans: History and French Cajun Cuisine

Topics: Emeril Lagasse, New Orleans, Cajun cuisine Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Visiting New Orleans

Visiting New Orleans is like visiting a foreign country.

The weather is perfect almost ninety percent of the time.

The food is of a southern and French Cajun cuisine.

The locals are friendly and enjoy giving you the history of their city.

In this essay I will express how New Orleans gives the feeling of being in a foreign country, I will share how the natives make you feel so welcome and how they give a free history lesson on their home town, and finally I will express my thoughts and opinions on the wonderful southern and French Cajun style cuisine.

First let me just say that New Orleans is one of my most favorite places to visit, during the time that I first visited upon entering the airport I was greeted with a live marching band that welcomes you into the city, but as you make your way through the city it gives you a feeling of being in a foreign country, you start to recognize the French, Italian and southern history in this town.

Second of all New Orleans is located on the Gulf Coast which is surrounded by many lakes and reservoirs. This almost makes for perfect weather year around.

With this being said with the weather cooperating you are able to visit the many beaches, take tours of the city or just enjoy a stroll along the riverfront or even the French quarter.

If you choose to take a local tour you will learn from the locals that will give you a history lesson like no other, even the cab drivers give you history lessons.

Lastly, I enjoy New Orleans for the many divers taste of the food. My favorite food is prepared Cajun style and of course it is the Gumbo.

But I have to say I’m inspired by all of the cuisine because I am planning to one day become a chef like the world famous Emeril Lagasse whom is a native and owns a very popular restaurant called “Emerils New Orleans Fish House”.

In conclusion I am recommending that...
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