New Headway - Course Book Evaluation

Topics: Education, English language, Grammar Pages: 3 (727 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Course book evaluation

|The course book: |New Headway by Liz and John Soars | | |Intermediate | | |Third edition | | |Oxford University Press 2009 |

The teaching of the English language as foreign language is largely based on the course books available on the market, and that makes it important to find a book that matches the aim of the relevant course and the personal preferences of those willing to learn. The evaluation of a certain book helps this selection. This course book is used in the secondary school I am teaching in. I am not experienced in the use of this particular book, because I am teaching beginners from Elementary and Pre-Intermediate issues of the New Headway course book. In this evaluation I am using the MATERIALS test.

Each Unit contains grammatical aims that are supported by calling in speech, comprehension, language structure and composition exercises. Each unit has a title and just under the title one can easily find are aims of each particular unit. Grammar spots are in blue boxes and contain only as much grammar as needed for the exercises that are next to the box. The grammar spots are short and illustrated with examples. I consider that grammar is easier to soak in through vivid, everyday examples than by learning the dire rules only.

The book is generally colourful, its appearance makes it easily and instantly recognizable, it is divided into units that make lectures a breeze to follow. It is always helpful when a language textbook is based on pictures, making studying more...
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