New Conceptualization of Global Economy, Society and Culture

Topics: International trade, United States, World Trade Organization Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: April 28, 2013
New Conceptualization of Global Economy, Society, and Culture A.
* Great Leap Forward
* Change from agrarian economy to an industrial economy; aimed to use vast population * Through process of industrialization and collectivization * Private farming was prohibited, tens of millions deaths due to grain shortage. * 5 Year Plans

* Initial 5 year plans were made for rapid industrialization * Some were completed early and successful and some were abandoned and never completed * Same method adopted by most communist states including Peoples Republic of China * The New Deal

* From 1933-36 in United States
* The 3 “R’s”: Relief, Recovery, Reform
* Relief to the poor and homeless individuals
* Recover the economy back to its original state
* Reform the economy to stop a repeat depression
* The economy shot upward in Roosevelt’s first term but had a decline in 1937-38. * Downturn caused some economist to wonder if it was worth it but most economist modern day agree it was helpful. B.

* Egypt
* Nassar’s promotion of economic development in Egypt * New constitution and National Charter in 1964
* Counter army’s influence
* United States
* Reaganomics started in 1980’s
* Reaganomics: reduce government spending, decrease federal income tax, reduce government regulations, control money supply to stop inflation * Soviet Union
* Export oriented industrialization
* Sped up the industrialization process by exporting goods which the nation has an advantage C.
* United Nations
* Known for peace keeping, building, and humanitarian existence * Broad range of fundamental issues
* World Trade Organization
* Watch over international trade
* Regulates trade between participating countries
* Gives framework for negotiating and formalizing trade agreements * The Red Cross
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