Never Trust Anyone

Topics: Basketball, Time, Robin Beck Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: April 29, 2013
How are you supposed to trust a stranger that you have met online? Most people don’t think about the negative things that can happen when meeting a stranger until something goes wrong. Meeting a stranger for the first time can be very dangerous because it can lead to injury, death, or even getting robbed.

When I was a freshman in high school, I had a passion for collecting basketball cards and selling them. I began buying packs of cards that had a random selection of basketball players. I would meet with my friends to trade cards for any rare all-star basketball player card that I could find; these cards are the most worthy and valuable. I collected enough all-star basketball player cards to sell them on a website called craigslist. I posted my advertisement for anyone seeking classic basketball cards that was willing to pay one-hundred dollars. I figured it would be easier and less time consuming to post an ad online rather than asking around.

A couple weeks later, I received an email from someone asking to come by and see it. Like most people, I was excited to get rid of my collection but at the same time I didn’t worry about the consequences of being in danger. We scheduled a day to meet at a shopping center that we both knew. Not thinking negatively, I went alone to meet with the buyer. We were communicating via email, which seemed very odd because he wouldn’t provide me with a number to get in contact with him. Once we met, he didn’t have any face expressions but I could tell he was up to no good. Next thing I knew, he threatened me saying that he had a gun and he would use it if I don’t give up the cards. I knew how valuable these cards were to me and I was not in any mood to give it up. Fearing my life, I didn’t want to upset the thief so I gave him what he demanded. My life is too important to be put in this situation. I was very scared but at the same time shocked by disbelief. Once the thief got what he wanted, he took off running. With no way of...
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