Never Give Up on Your Dreams

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Never Give Up On Your Dreams
I really wasn’t into sports when I was younger. I didn’t pay too much attention to it. I started liking sports probably in middle school. I start watching it because my dad and brother were always watching it on the TV. In the NFL I liked the Miami Dolphins; I am a big fan of them. I plan to go watch one of their games when I get out of school. My favorite NBA team is the Denver Nuggets. The Denver Nuggets is my team but I also like the Miami Heat. I want the Miami Heat to win the Championship because people aren’t giving Labron James the respect that he needs. I’m glad that the Miami Heat won the championship because Labron needed a ring to prove that he is the best at it now. Out of all these sports and stuff one person inspired me to play sports and to never give up on your dream. I want to meet this person because I want to just ask him about his career and how he succeeded and became the world’s best basketball player that ever lived. I wanted to talk about this person because he is the best person at the sport I like and that’s basketball. He inspired many people to never give up at the sport you play keep pushing yourself to become the world’s greatest. The person I want to meet is Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan never gave up on his dream so that’s why I’m not going to give up on my dream. The one thing that really inspired me to never give on my dream is Game 5 NBA Finals (1997), Bulls VS Jazz. Michael Jordan played that game with the flu, he never gave up. He played in the game like there wasn’t anything wrong with him. He went on and scored 38 points. He was so exhausted his team mates had to carry him to the locker. That there just tell you to never give up no matter what. Prove to people you are the best and be the next Michael Jordan.
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