Never Cry Wolf, Nature and Human Values

Topics: Natural environment, Farley Mowat, Human Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Farley, Mowat’s “Never cry wolf,” is a book based on the research of the lifestyle of wolves in the Arctic Circle. Mowat uses his experience to educate the society of the social ills conducted by the hunters towards the wolves. The book displays the risk that the wolf pack families face due to the human activities in the area. The title of the book acts as a symbol in reference to the story of the boy who cried wolf. The book thus enables the reader to think beyond the tile so as to form an opinion of the author’s message. The book challenges the human communities who are in charge of the nature around them. Humans tend to overstep their authority by infringing on the rights of the wolves. The analysis of the book educates the society of the inhumane activities that humans are inflicting on the animals. Different passages from the book Interpretation of the passage and meaning I was born and grew up in the farm and never knew what it was to have all I wanted or needed as a teenager in the late 20s The author talks of his life as a child. He was exposed to animals at an early stage in life due to his parent’s lifestyle. This is a contributing factor to his love for animals. That night the inevitable happened. We were awakened by the most frightful uproar. It seemed to consist of furious barking of a dozen dogs mingled with the roaring of the menagerie of lions The passage elaborates the intensity of the nature that surrounds him. The conflict between the dogs and the lions displays the fight for power amongst the animals. Then there were the birds. That spring Angus had bought me a field guide and with its help, I identified forty species that were new to me. The author’s exposure to different bird species enabled him to identify with the different lifestyles that they had. Angus developed a love for all forms of wildlife which in turn made him aware of the plight that the animals had. My most cherished images of the mountain country were not of the...
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