Never Cry Wolf

Topics: Elaine Benes, Wolf Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: April 24, 2013
In the beginning of the story Mowat gets dropped off in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a frozen lake. Mowat asks the pilot to remember his location because he doesn’t think he will make it out here by himself and the pilot says he don’t even know where they are and hopes he can get home. So Mowat is basically on his own if anything happens because no one knows where he is. He has a plane full of supplies provided by the government. He ends up finding a pack of wolves and sets up camp for the summer, studying their habits. The wolves come to know his presence and are friendly with him. He’s able to record a good deal of their basic behaviors, including their habit of subsisting on small mammals like mice. He sets out to prove his own theory by attempting to survive on mice himself, and includes a recipe for creamed mouse. He spends days looking for the wolves and gives up, but stops in the forest to urinate. As he turns around, the alpha pair is standing behind him, watching him wondering what he is up too. He got scared and, starts screaming at them for invading his privacy and the two wolves run off with their ears back. Mowat studies the wolves a little more and notices that they mark their territory by peeing around their territory. So Mowat made 27 cups of tea and marked his territory by peeing around his cmp. Each of the places Mowat marked the wolf marked on the opposite side accepting his territory. Two wolvs appeared instead of one, Mowat named the male George and the female Anglian. Every evening George goes out hunting while Anglian watches out for the cubs. Mowat starts an experiment with mice; he wonders if wolves can survive on mice then humans can too. He studies the wolves all day and found out that wolves eat 4,000 mice per acre. Mowat meets these two odd guys. After getting to know them and teaching thoe things Mowat knows they settle in with him. One of the guys already knows basically everything about the wolves. Mowat tries not...
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