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Topics: Wave, Waves, Light Pages: 3 (722 words) Published: April 24, 2013
T. 34. Refraction is a bending that occurs when a wave moves from one medium to another at an angle and changes speed. _________________________

F. 40. A wave bending as it passes a point of land is an example of refraction. ___diffraction______________________

43. The __amplitude__________________ of a mechanical wave is a direct measure of its energy.

Short Answer
Use the diagram to answer each question.
61. What does the person transfer to the rope by pulling it up and down at point A? Energy

62. What does the direction of arrow B indicate? The direction in which the wave is moving

63. In what direction does the medium move relative to the direction of the wave? Explain. The medium moves perpendicular, or at right angles, to the wave; the rope moves up and down vertically and the wave moves horizontally.

64. What kind of wave is being generated? A transverse wave

65. What does point C represent? A trough

66. What is the medium through which the wave is moving? The rope

67. What does arrow M indicate? The direction of the incoming wave

68. What does arrow N indicate? The direction of the reflected wave

69. What does the dotted line AB represent? AB is the normal, a line drawn perpendicular to the reflecting surface.

70. Which numbered angle represents the angle of incidence? Angle 1

71. Which numbered angle represents the angle of reflection? Angle 2

72. What does the line CAD represent? CAD is the surface of the material from which the wave is reflected

73. How does the motion of the particles of the medium differ between transverse and longitudinal waves? The particles of the medium move perpendicular to the direction in which a transverse wave is traveling. The particles of the medium move parallel to the direction in which a longitudinal wave is traveling.

74. How can you measure the wavelength of a transverse wave? Of a longitudinal wave? In general, you measure the...
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