Networking Technology

Topics: Computer network, OSI model, Network topology Pages: 6 (1197 words) Published: June 16, 2011
Program:Higher National Diploma in Computing

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S1.Evaluate networks and networking approaches
discuss the role of networks within different organizations and the resource implications of networks discuss the different distributed computing approaches of peer-to-peer and client-server networks explain the functions of client and server computers on a network and give at least one example of the interactions between a client and server computer describe the advantages of client-server approaches particularly over centralized services Task 1

Task 1
2.Investigate basic hardware components and the role of network operating system (NOS) software draw and describe basic network topologies and define basic network components discuss role of software and hardware

discuss factors influencing choice of networks stating advantages and disadvantages that arise from different topologies determine a suitable network for a given site
Task 1

Task 1
3.Explore the connection of network components
explain different connection materials including their specifications and list the criteria you would use to choose such materials describe basic signalling methods and their characteristics explain the role of the network interface card and carry-out selection, installation and configuration of a network interface card using NOS tools identify how the relevant parameters and protocols are set discuss factors that affect the performance of network interface cards determine a cabling and hardware connection configuration for a given site Task 1

Task 2.4

4.Explain the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model and common network architectures present the OSI layered model
explain the role of drivers in a network, discussing their relationship to the NOS and OSI model discuss how drivers are selected and implemented for various network components; install NIC driver and demonstrate how to remove and update explain the detailed operation of different IEEE 802.N network configurations refer the 802 protocols to the existing OSI layers

relate how architecture influences access and control of the network and draw out merits of different architectures describe scenarios where one architecture might be favoured over another Task 2.2

Task 2.3
Task 2.1
Task 2.4

5.Evaluate data transmission and protocols in a network environment discuss the role of packets and how they are built up from their various components, giving an example where data packets are transmitted through different layers of the OSI model discuss the role of protocols at different layers of the OSI model, describing the function of specific protocols explain examples of transmission between different network layers M




TResearch on recent and potential developments in Network infrastructure, cabling and architecture has been performed

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NThe OSI model has been well studied and described.

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Networking Technology Assignment

‘Prime Bank’ is a London based private bank which provides a wide range of financial services...
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