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Phase 1: Identifying Requirements, Putting the Network Together


NuggetLabs Industries is growing significantly. Due to space limitations, five employees currently share single cubicles…at the same time. While this is great for team building, these space limitations are now impacting business productivity. NuggetLabs has now leased an additional office building roughly 20Km from their headquarters location. While this office will eventually connect to the HQ office, it will initially be set up independently. NuggetLabs Industries has heard rumors of your ninja-like network consultation skills and has agreed to pay you an excessive amount of money to design and build their network infrastructure.

Gathering Information

To help guide this initial configuration, you‘ve assembled a list of requirements based on various meetings with management.

* The new office will initially house 75 employees, each with their own Cisco IP Phone and PC. This office may eventually scale to 200 employees over 5 years. * The Windows admins are planning to install a new pair of redundant servers at the new office. They plan to manage all the IP addresses for DHCP on these servers and are waiting for you to tell them what IP address range they should use. * Windows admins: Jeff Service - (602) 555-1293, Mike Pack (480) 555-9382. * The new office is a two story building with the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) in the northwest corner of the first floor. Because of a workman’s strike, poor planning, and other human issues, the Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) on the second floor was installed in the southeast corner of the second floor, beyond the reach of typical Ethernet standards. The majority of the employees (roughly 50) will sit on the main floor while the remainder will sit on the second floor. The building contractor has already run the cabling - a single Cat6 Ethernet connection to each cubical / office space which terminates to patch panels in the MDF/IDF area. * NuggetLabs is planning to use a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system for the new office. Each user will have an assigned IP Phone in their cubical / office space. The installation / management of the phone system itself will be the responsibility of another company; however, the network should be prepared to support the additional devices. * The new office will need WIFI implementations, so to keep budgets in check the company would like to use off-the-shelf Cisco Small Business WAPs. These WAPs are to host two wireless networks: NL-CORP and NL-PUB. Those connecting to NL-CORP should have access to the corporate network and resources. Of course, high-end security is mandatory for this wireless network. Those connecting to NL-PUB should not be prompted for any security requirements but should be limited to Internet access only. * NuggetLabs Industries would like you to assess the network and make recommendations on Internet connectivity options. They would also like to begin evaluating network connections between their offices. * During the discussions, NuggetLabs Industries found that you work primarily from your home office. Because of the value NuggetLabs places on your technical prowess, they have offered to provide an office space located in the MDF for you to use as a lab environment; a "home-away-from-home” you can use. However, this lab environment must be completely isolated from the corporate network to not cause any interference to day-to-day operations.

Priority| Client| Task| Time| Assigned|
1| NL| Initial Meeting with NL Corporate| | |
| | Create initial questionnaire for on-site visit| 30| | | | Discuss upcoming branch office rollout (goals, staff involvement, key contacts)| 180| | | | | | |
1| NL| Create NL Proposal| | |
| | Requirements Document| 15| |
| | Equipment Order| 240| |
| | VLAN / Subnet List| 30| |
| | Switchport Connections| 30| |
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