Network Switching & Routing

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Switching & Routing
The purpose of this paper is to provide a better understanding of switching and routing used in a network environment and familiarize the reader with various hardware and software associated with there functions. This paper will look at some switching concepts that will include store and forward switching, cut through switching, fragment free switching, and V-Lan. This paper will also cover routing concepts, along with some comparisons including routed vs. routing protocols, Classful vs. classless protocols, and distance vector vs. link state protocols. Switching

The definition of a switch or network switch is a small device that joins multiple computers together, working on layer two of the OSI, to form a local area network or LAN. Network switches are also known as smart hubs. Rather than simply dispersing the data evenly across a network the switch actually inspects the data packets for destination information, and then forwards the data to a specific location. By forwarding the data to its intended location bandwidth on the network is better controlled (Mitchell, 1999). Store-and-Forward switching refers to a switching method that, after inspection, stores data packets for delivery. The data is received from the sender and passes a cyclic redundancy check along with a check to be sure it fits the required size limitations. After inspection and the check for errors the data is stored or held in physical storage until network availability allows the data to be sent to its destination (Cisco Systems, 2008). Cut-through switching is a method of switching which uses only the destination information to switch data packets to a specific destination or destination segment. Although previous store-and-forward switches that examine the whole packet took longer to process the data than did the cut-through switching method with today’s technology the difference in speed has become minimal (Lantronix). There are hybrid switches available today...
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