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Bonus Assignment #2
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Due date: 7:10pm, January 14, 2013 Problem 1 What is the ISO OSI protocol stack? Please describe the functionality for each layer. ---------The answer is in your text book. Problem 2 Please give the whole names for the following acronyms: PMD, ITU-T, THF, PSTN, QAM, FTTC, SONET, AMPS, VSAT, HEC. --------- PMD: Physical Medium Dependent  ITU-T: International Telecommunication Union – Telecommunication standarization section  THF: Tremendously High Frequency  PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network  QAM: Quadrature Amplitude Modulation  FTTC: Fiber To The Curb  SONET: Synchronous Optical NETwork  AMPS: Advanced Mobile Phone System  VSAT: Very Small Aperture Terminal  HEC: Header Error Control Problem 3 Suppose that a link between two telephone offices has 50 repeaters. Suppose that the probability that a repeater fails during a year is 0.01, and that repeaters fail independently of each other. What is the probability that the link does not fail at all during one year? --------Let p be the probability that a repeater fails during a year, then 1 – p is the probability that it does not fail, and the probability that all 50 repeaters do not fail is (1 – .01)50 ≈ e–50(.01) = 0.605 where we have used the approximation (1 – p)n ≈ e–np which is valid for large n and small p.

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