Nestle Current Scenario

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Nestle India has an excellent understanding of the local market and has launched products that meet the tastes and needs of the local population. The majority of its products currently cater to urban Indians and the company is progressively expanding its reach into rural areas as the country’s per capita income grows. According to Nestle India ‘At Nestlé India we make big investment in people, they are our top priority. For us, our people are the key drivers for our success.’ Nestlé India provides its employees a dynamic professional environment bound by one spirit, ‘The Nestlé Spirit' and that makes Nestlé India a great place to work. Nestle India is a vibrant company enhancing the quality of life of its customers by offering them world class food products driven by Nutrition, Health and wellness. Ay Nestle India your integrity, professional skills and performance is what matters. They trust their people and believe in giving early responsibilities and encourage them to actively contribute to the long term sustainable growth of the business. At Nestle India, they believe in building leaders who can take on challenges, innovate and write success stories. Nurturing starts from day one on the job. Business dynamics and need directed training programs offer employees with opportunities to acquire and develop desired functional, people management and decision making skills enabling success at work. In India Nestle has presence in the following segments:

Milk Products and Nutrition
NI’s largest segment is Milk and Milk Products. The Milk Products and Nutrition segment is further broken down into Infant Foods and Other Dairy Products. Nestlé has 80% market share in the babycereal segment – a segment that has a very promising future.Nestlé’s Milkmaid is still the market leader with a 55 per cent market share. Nestle Curd launched as late as 2001 has quickly captured 25 per cent of the market with a range of variants. Its dairy whitener...
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