Topics: Dieting, Obesity, Culture Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Nestlé Decides to Expand Internationally
Nestlé entering the European market starting in France is the focus of the article. The article’s main idea is obesity and how to integrate Jenny Craig into Europe. Obesity has increased tremendously in Europe and Nestlé plans to help Europeans fight this problem by integrating European elements into the Jenny Craig weight loss program and also appeal to Europe’s culture and lifestyle. It is believed that obesity will increase tremendously by 2015 and Nestlé is interested in helping globally to minimize or help those that are already suffering from obesity with their diet programs. In Europe, America is credible in terms of weight loss, therefore, Nestlé has a great opportunity, but it will need to face competition from other weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers International. The target market is men and women who are obese or overweight. The diet program will try to target those who are interested in eating healthy and loosing weight by following a daily eating program. Also, the target market is middle to upper economic class because the program starts €9.90 or $13.47 a day, a price not everyone could afford. One of the biggest challenges Nestlé will face is to deal with the European tradition towards eating. For example, weight control in France has been accomplished by moderations and self-discipline, not offering prepackaged meals and a coach as a way of loosing weight. Nestlé highly believes that American heritage will be an advantage because in terms of weight loss, Americans have credibility as mentioned in the article by Erick Moreau, chief executive of Jenny Craig, France. Also, competition with other weight loss programs will be another challenge. Hernandez 2

The role of marketing is to overcome the differences in culture and make Jenny Craig appealing to the European market and establish themselves as a weight loss program for everybody. Nestlé is trying to maintain the American tradition,...
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