Nervous Conditions

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  • Published : November 2, 2011
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In my opinion, Tambu was neither seduced nor brainwashed by the "Englishness". Tambu had grown up in an African society whereby women were fighting for the effects of patriarchal traditions in the history of their culture. Women in Tambu's society struggled to find their voices in this male dominated world. Tambu did not want to be like one of these African women, being trapped in traditional roles and could be nothing more but just a good housewife. She realised at a very young age that perhaps the "Englishness" was her only escape route to a better life. A life that has no more poverty and women are able to break out of their traditional roles. Therefore, she was so determined to pursue this "Englishness" that she would never ever give up her dream no matter how harsh things had turned out for her. Apart from that, she was also able to see how differently things were for the English educated people like Nhamo and Babamukuru. Both of them were highly respected and had the power to make people listen to them. She wished to be one of them and knew very clearly that her life could definitely be made better if she was like one of them. This made her strive even harder for education. Hence, I conclude that Tambu was not seduced or brainwashed by the "Englishness". After all, this is the road Tambu had chosen for herself voluntarily, a road that she assumed will promise her well-being, dignity and freedom. 
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