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  • Published : May 12, 2012
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Analysis of Compound Neologisms


Morphological Analysis: 3 morphs blame/storm/ing

Morphemic Analysis: 3 morphemes {BLAME} + {STORM} + {gerund}

Word category: Noun

Etymology: < blame n. + storming n., after brainstorming n..

Definition: The process of investigating the reasons for a failure and of apportioning blame, esp. by means of discussion or debate.[1]


Morphological Analysis: 2 morphs meat/space

Morphemic Analysis: 2 morphemes {MEAT} + {SPACE}

Word Category: Noun

Etymology: < meat n. + space n.1

Definition: The physical world, as opposed to cyberspace or a virtual environment.[2]


Morphological Analysis: 3 morphs cyber/slack/ing

Morphemic Analysis: 3 morphemes {CYBER} + {SLACK} + {gerund}

Word Category: Noun

Etymology: < cyber- comb. form + slacking n. Compare slightly earlier cyberslacker n.

Definition: a person who uses their employer’s Internet and email facilities for personal activities during working hours.[3]

Analysis of Neologism Blends


Morphological Anaylisis: 2 morphs three/quel

Morphemic Anyalisis: 2 morphemes {THREE} + {quel}

Word Category: Noun

Etymology: Blend of three adj. and sequel n., after prequel n., sequel n.
Definiton: the third film, book, etc. in a series; a second sequel.[4]


Morphological Analysis: 2 morphs gay/dar

Morphemic Anaylsis: 2 morphemes {GAY} + {dar}

Word Category: Noun

Etymology: Blend of gay adj. and radar n.

Definition: the supposed ability of homosexuals to recognize one another by means of very slight indications.[5]


Morphological Analysis: 1 morph brunch

Morphemic Analysis: 1 morpheme brunch

Word Category: Noun

Etymology: < br- (in breakfast n.1) and -unch (in lunch n.2).

Definition: a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch[6]


Morphological Analysis: 1 moph...
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