Neolithic Revolution

Topics: Neolithic, Nomad, Domestication Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The Neolithic Revolution changed the course of history when people began to settle down in permanent locations. The Neolithic Revolution started around the year 10,000 BC when nomadic people began to settle down. During the Paleolithic Era, nomadic people moved from place to place in search of food, they followed the herds of animals as they moved.While men hunted, women gathered fruits and vegetables. Over time, the nomads began to realize that fruits and vegetables could be domesticated. Domestication is the act of adapting to something new or different. This changed the course of history since people started to farm in permanent settlements. Over time, food surpluses allowed these towns or cities to grow into complex civilizations. These surpluses of food meant that not everyone had to farm, letting people to have other jobs. Cities developed, complex governments and new religions were created. A system of writing was used, a department of public works were needed to serve the people, art and architecture were emphasized. Job specialization led to different social classes. These basic features of a civilization were the same throughout the world. Egypt was greatly impacted by the Neolithic Revolution. Pharaohs ruled egyptian life and were seen as gods. Records were kept by scribes, written on papyrus, which was paper back then. The form of writing they use is called hieroglyphics. Historians have been able to decode the complex writing which is very complicated. The Egyptians were also polytheistic, which means they believed in many different gods. The most famous architectural achievement of the egyptians are the buildings of the pyramids. These large structures served as tombs for pharaohs during their time because they thought they were descendants of their gods they believed in. Without the discovery of farming, civilizations would not have been able to develop
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