Nelson Mandela

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  • Published : January 15, 2012
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Was Nelson Mandela heroic leader or villain in disguise?
Nelson Mandela has become a symbol for injustice of the apartheid state and a fight for everlasting freedom. This essay will discuss why Nelson Mandela was the most heroic leader of all time.He made history by ending apartheid and making Africa an equal society. He was fearless, selfless and determined to make a change for his country and people regardless of the consequences that may occur. All these great attributes are the reasons why one would label him a hero.(Mandela,Nelson: In his own words 1991) Apartheid was established in 1948 by the Nation congress party .Nelson describes apartheid as the formation of the racialism and repression of the white government. It was a system that removed non white citizens of their basic human rights and segregated the races.Non-white Africans were forced to carry identification everywhere stating all their information The government implemented two laws which was made up of the Population Registration act every south African was labelled by race, and the Group areas Act,this enabled certain racial groups to live in different places. These laws were made to form apartheid, which has been defined as “apartness”, the separation of the races. It was not until 1990,that Africa began to see a change this was when F. w de klerk came in to power, he worked alongside Nelson to make Africa an equal society he also helped to release nelson from prison. (Nangoli Petero,1978) In 1961 Nelson became the executive member of the ANC's armed wing, “Umkhonto we Sizwe” The aim of the party was to join forces to tackle the current epidemic that faced south Africa and fight for injustice. Whilst he was in power he organised various protests and riots boycotting the opposing government, they begain peaceful but then escalated and became violent. "Sons and daughters of Africa, our tasks are mighty indeed, but I have abundant faith in our ability to reply to the challenge posed by...
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