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  • Published : October 27, 2013
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 My challenge

it has been a rough and tough day in 2008 when i was 13 years old, the worst thing in my life happened to me.i was living in a small village called tokombiya with my family and we had many different kind of domestic animals in our home and I am the oldest one in my family that means I had to take full responsibility for all the domestic animals specially for the cows as they were more than the others and they need one person to look after them and protect them from any harm thing and all that responsibility was on me and I used to look after them almost seven years I was close one with them know everything about them more than others do.

as we all know every living organism want food to survive and it’s hard to feed all the pet in home so I was forced to take the cows and sleep outside in the forest.countably they were around twenty cows which I used to sleep with them in the has been a fantastic life to look after them a happy life I used to think only about them, worrying about nothing, have always fun with friends who has pets like me.

we used to play different kind of our traditional games, sing songs toghether,climb trees in the forest and we used to compete to climb the tallest trees and the one who climbed ahead of the others we used to call him as a climber and give him some prize.It was perfect life with full of joyful and happiness but this hadn’t has good ending and bad things happened. It was midnight around 1 A.M i was in the forest with my pets and the forest was surrounded with wild animals like hyena, fox and other many kind of wild animals anyway it had been dangerous place for the pets and even for myself.

and that night I was alone in the forest with my pets and I was tired and suddenly felt asleep in the unprotected forest. With being tired I hadn’t recognized about anything at that night heavy kind of...
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