Nel Noddings

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Nel Noddings

Lauren Guarniere

Touro College

EDSE 600

Professor Elmore

Noddings went to Montclair State College in New Jersey where she received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics, and moved on to gain her master’s degree in mathematics from Rutgers University, in New Jersey as well. Noddings received a doctorate in educational philosophy from Stanford University where she presently is the Jacks Professor Emeriti of Child Education. Lastly, she received her Ph.D. in 1975 after changing from mathematics and education to a broader field of educational theory and philosophy. She also currently occupies the John W. Porter Chair in Urban Education at Eastern Michigan University.

As Noddings makes clear in many of her works, schooling played a central role in her life, and her early experiences with caring teachers contributed to her life long interest in student – teacher relations. She also contributes her professional life as a result of "various accidents and awareness of opportunity" (Johnson, Reed, 2011). As Noddings states, (1997, cited in Johnson & Reed, 2011) " all of these accidents… involve love, or led to love, and these loves, like bits of colored glass, are the elements from which my life has been composed." Her approach to education begins with the idea that caring is basic to human life. She believes that all people want to be cared for and that the need to be good comes out of the remembered experience of being cared for. Her approach to caring is described as a feminine approach because it is based on the voice of the mother as a nurturer. It is her belief that if women created the educational system and its disciplines, they would have organized the curriculum around the stages of life.

Noddings ideally wants the home to be viewed as the primary educator. She feels this is the best form of educating because it is done non-threatening and conversational matter. Critics of Noddings...
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