Negative Effects of Cell Phone on Teenagers

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Report on
The Negative Effects of Facebook on teenagers in Dhaka

The Negative Effects of Facebook On Teenagers in Dhaka

Submitted to:
Ms. Dilruba Jahan
Assistant Professor,
Language Institute

Submitted by:
Kayafa Hossain
ID-111 121 559

Date of submission: 5.1.2013
5th January, 2013
Dilruba Jahan
Language Institute
Subject: submission of Extended Essay

Dear Madam
I am pleased to submit you the report on “ The Negative Effects of Facebook on Teenagers in Dhka” as the requirement for completion of the course titled “Composition and Communication skills”. I have collected the information of internet and analyzed and prepared this report. Working on this report, I have learned about the negative effects of facebook in Dhaka on many articles. I would like to convey my complements to you to assign me this kind of report. My efforts will be successful if you would accept this report. Sincerely

Kayafa Hossain
ID-111 121 559
Sec- NJ

It is my pleasure to submit the extended essay on “ The Negative Effects of Facebook on Teenagers in Dhaka”. First of all, I would like to acknowledge the almighty Allah who has given me the capability to complete this essay.

I am thankful to Ms. Dilruba jahan, our course instructor of “composition and communication skills” UIU, for her great co-operation to complete my essay. Without her suggestion and comment I would not be able to make my essay meaningful. Finally I would like to thank all of them whom assisted me to complete the essay

Kayafa Hossain

“The Negative Effects of Facebook on teenagers in Dhaka”

Thesis statement: facebook causes many negative effects on teenage users in Dhaka city.
Plan of development:
1.effects on health
2.effects on culture
3.effects on study
4.loss are about his/her surrounding.
1st body para:facebook causes negative effects on teenagers health.
1.psychological effects.
2.harmful for eyes.
3.reducing outdoor gaming
4.sleeping disorder
2nd body para:facebook causes negative effects on our culture.
1.changing our dressing style
2.changing our way of thinking
3.have a major effects on language
3rd bodu para: fcebook causes negative effects on teenagers study
1.reducing time for study
2.changing writing style
3.reducing out knowledge
4th body Para: A teenage FB users does not care about his/her surrounding because of facebook addiction.
1.less family concern
2.less social interaction.

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. This is the most commonly used website. This is considered to have created a very strong network of communication. Facebook is helping teenager connect with their friends, and relatives from all over the world. It makes human begin life much easier. However, since Facebook is getting well-known, bad things start to take place. The services have some effects to the individuals. The teenagers of Dhaka also getting effected from this effects. Facebook have become so popular today that they are the leading words on the lips of every teenager. Facebook has more than 750 millions users today. Teenagers love to spend most of their time checking their Facebook updates. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh here most of the teenager using Facebook. Facebook has some negative effects on the health of our teenager. Teenagers spend lots of time checking their status, commend etc. Facebook leads to eye strain due to the amount of time spent on the computer. Facebook also snatches away any form of physical activity. Through the site, teenagers have the ability to put their best self forward, but what does this mean? Facebook gives us the ability to put forth only what we want teenager to know and see. We only put up the best pictures of ourselves, the most intellectual statuses and...
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