Need and Technology

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Modern society has been changing more and more every year. It changes a little more every year but it has changed tremendously over the past fifteen to twenty years. The main thing that has changed is technology and the way it is used. Technology has had a big effect on the way people do things. The view of technology that I agree with is, technology solves problems and makes life better.

Technology has made life a lot easier. Computers have become more useful and they have replaced the use of typewriters. Most people don’t even know what a typewriter is. There are also portable computers called laptops. Other forms of the portable computers are netbooks, tablets, and ipads. You would usually see people walking around with a jukebox on their shoulder listening to music. No one does that anymore because of the portable music players called mp3s or ipods. If someone was to walk around carrying a jukebox everyone would probably look at them crazy. Normally soldiers couldn’t really keep in touch with their family and close friends, but now they can. They can either use a cellular phone or download applications that have video chat. Such as, Oovoo, Tango, and Skype. Most supervisors and managers would usually have to type up a memo and have someone to send them around and make sure everyone got one, now there is a such thing called e-mail. You can just type the memo up and email it to everyone and make sure they get it instead of depending on someone to pass them out. This way is more efficient because most people’s desks are junky and they tend to lose or not be able to keep up with important things like that. There are no more chalkboards (blackboards) being used in classrooms around the world because of the new smartboards. They have the ability to be a chalkboard and a computer all at once. You’ll very rarely see the old chalkboards being used. When you go to the mall, no one wants to have to walk around all day, especially not up...
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