Necrophilia Cases

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Sex according to many or may I say, majority, is the highest enjoyment in the planet. But the unsatisfying nature of sex leads to the uninterrupted series of encounters. Sex with same sex was recognized, adult sexually attracted to children or pedophilia, and zoophilia – the practice of sex between humans and animals. Necrophilia is a psychiatric expression for a pathological sexual attraction to corpses. It is a very rare and unwell understood phenomenon. Legends with necrophilia themes are common throughout history and the concept of sexual interference with the dead has been known and abhorred since the ancient Egyptians, as noted by Herodotus (484 BCE -425 BC approx): "When the wife of a distinguished man dies, or any woman who happens to be beautiful or well known, her body is not given to the embalmers immediately, but only after the lapse of three or four days. This is a precautionary measure to prevent the embalmers from violating her corpse, a thing which is actually said to have happened in the case of a woman who had just died." (de Selincourt, translation, 1972, p.161) In Psychopathia Sexualis, in 1894, the original work of Richard Von Kraft-Ebing, one of the first psychiatric writers called necrophilia a horrible manifestation of sadism. Abraham A. Brill published the first comprehensive study of the subject in 1941, characterizednecrophiles as mentally deficient, psychotic, and incapable of obtaining a consent partner. Necrophilia has been linked with cannibalism and vampirism as all are considered perversions. In the British Journal of Psychiatry in 1978 by Neville Lancaster, reported a case of a 23 year old student of music at teacher’s training college in England. The student was convicted of the murder of a young woman and was sentenced for life imprisonment. He admitted that he had broken into mortuary and had sexual contacts with female corpses on different occasions prior to the murder. The student was evaluated with an IQ test and found no evidence of mental illness and had a normal romantic relationship with a music teacher. The authorities found out that he was a necrophile, who desired to have sex with corpses, therefore decided to kill female victims and engage sex with a fresh dead cadaver. In 1989, two dedicated psychiatrist, Jonathan Rosman and Phillip Resnick review 122 cases demonstrating necrophilic acts or fantasies. Both distinguish true necrophilia and pseudo-necrophilia from the different cases. They classified true necrophilia into three types:necrophilic homicide – murder to obtain a corpse for sexual pleasure: regular necrophilia – the use of already dead corpse for sex: necrophilic fantasy – just fantasizing sexual activities with a cadaver without carrying out any necrophilia. The pseudo-necrophilia has a transient attraction to a corpse but the corpse is not the center of the sexual desire. According to Rosman and Resnick, neither psychosis, mental retardation, sadism appears to be inherent in necrophilia. The best motive for necrophilia is in possession of a not-rejecting and unresisting partner. Necrophiles choose occupation with access to corpses. Many psychologists, psychiatrists, and researchers psychoanalytical explanation for necrophilia and both Rosman and Resnick developed an empirical model to get a rich understanding of how psychodynamic events could lead to necrophilia: (1) The necrophile develops poor self-esteem, due in part to a significant loss;(a) He (usually male) is very fearful of rejection by women so desires a sex object who cannot refuse him; and/or (b) He is fearful of the dead, transforms his fear – by means of reaction formation – into a desire for the dead: (2) He develops an exciting fantasy of sex with corpse, sometimes after exposure to cadaver. Extreme Cases of Necrophilia

Ted Bundy, an American serial killer, killed numerous young women across the United States between 1974 and 1978, he eventually confessed to 30 murders total victims unknown. Bundy...
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