Necessity for Close Supervision

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* Necessity for Close Supervision
The necessity for a considerable amount of supervision on the part of the credit manager over his staff is quite apparent. Credit men operate during much of the working time away from the home office removed from definite and direct executive control. However, one method which could make the credit men do their job, as expected of them is to give them a “Deadline” for the case they have under investigation and study.

Psychologists suggest three important appeals for use in attacking the problem of supervision, such as: a. Pride in accomplishment.
b. Monetary reward for a difficult job done, like collection od a bill that is about to be written off; and c. Commendation and praises. This may be done through letters of commendation if not through the awarding of palque or certificate of merit.

* Bank Appraisal Report
Generally speaking, a bank appraisal report contains among others, the following information:

1. Subject of Appraisal- are most commonly used by rehabbers and developers seeking Hard Money or Rehabilitation loans that provide acquisition and renovation cost. Simply, a lender gives the investor enough money to purchase a property and repair it, all in one loan. a. Name of registered owner

b. Location of the property

2. Land Identity- provides a full range of services along with the expertise to see your project through from inception and completion.

a. TCT (Transfer Certificate of Title) Number
b. Technical Description
c. Lot Number
d. Block Number
e. Land Area

3. Description of Land- this manual has been created to assist in the understanding of the different land types stored within ten graph.

a. Shape
b. Frontage

4. Neighborhood Data- includes not only the geographic boundaries of each neighborhood but also information about each neighborhood.

a. Commercial
b. Semi-commercial
c. Residential
d. Industrial
e. Raw...
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