Nebosh Igc1 Questions

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Risk assessment, Safety Pages: 14 (5139 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Questions and Answers Related to IGC1 Elements 1 to 5

Give the meaning of the term perception (2)
Perception is the way we see and understandthings using all our senses, experience, training and general knowledge. Identify ways in which a worker’s H&S perception in the workplace might be improved (4) Provide general H&S awareness training

Conduct a risk assessment and provide findings to workers highlighting the hazardous areas and activities- Conduct safety campaigns to improve safety awareness- Conduct health surveillance to identify impairment of senses.- Select PPE which reduces the effect of any impairment of the senses (sight, hearing, smell) 4. Give the meaning of the term Hazard and an example of a hazard (2) Hazard is something with the potential to cause harm.

Example: Fire
Give meaning of the term Risk and an example of a risk (2)
Risk is the likelihood that harm will occur and the severity of the harm. For Example: Risk of slip trip and fall
5. Give meaning of the term “near miss” or “incident”(2) An unwanted, unforeseen, unplanned event that had the potential to result in a loss, but did not.Give meaning of the term Accident (2) An unwanted, unforeseen, unplanned event which results in a loss of some kind. . 6. Identify sources of information that can helpreduce risks to workers. (8)Internal Sources: External Sources: Risk assessments Professional Institutions such as Inspection reports IOSH Accident/incident records World Health Organization, ILO Medical reports Suppliers and Manufacturers Maintenance reports Consultants and Specialists Insurance Companies and workers unions . 7. What are the reasons for having good health andsafety practice? (3)The reasons for having good health and safety practiceinclude: Moral – duty to ensure safe workplace and not to expose workers to harm Legal – avoid prosecution - fines and punishments. Financial – reduce direct and indirect costs that are related to an accident or incident. . 8. Outline reasons for promoting and maintaininggood health and safety in an organisation? (8)Maintaining good standards will lead to improved staffmorale and ultimately improved production . TheCompany’s reputation will be enhanced by reducingaccidents and ill health. Ultimately this will reducedamage caused to equipment by poorly trained staffwhich will directly reduce insurance premiums. As staffbecome more motivated staff complaints will reduce aswell as absenteeism and staff turnover. Legally thecompany will see a direct reduction in fines andcompensation claims lodged against the Organization. . 9. What are the benefits of having good health and safety practice (8) Improved production Improved level of compliance Improved staff morale Improved company reputation Reduced accidents Reduced ill health Reduced damage to equipment Reduced staff complaints Reduced staff turnover Reduced insurance premiums Reduced fines and compensation claims . 10. Outline the main health and safety responsibilities of Employers (4)It is the responsibility of an Employer to provide: Safe premises Safe plant and equipment Safe access and egress Safe environment IT IS - adequate Information, Training, Instructions and Supervision Welfare facilities Safety policy Consultation with employees Emergency arrangements PPE to employees at no charge. Health Surveillance of Employees. . 11. Outline the main health & safety responsibilities ofworkers/employees (4)It is the responsibility of an Employee to: Not to endanger themselves and others Co-operate with their employer Not to interfere with anything provided for safety Be receptive to instruction and training Report significant dangers in the workplace. . 12. Identify the possible costs that an organisation may incur as a resultof inadequate standards of workplace health & safety (8)Direct Costs Damage to property – building, plant, machinery and equipment Increased insurance premiums Legal costs Fines Public liability insurance...
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